Digitally Transforming the Angel Investment Sector

The increasing use of technology by angel investment networks is significantly influencing the manner in which investors engage and commit to your opportunities. In essence, the introduction of digital platforms and solutions is enhancing the efficiency, accessibility, and transparency of angel networks to an unprecedented degree - ultimately building better relationships between you and your network.

At Quva, we see first-hand from our clients how digital transformation plays a huge role in the growth and success of their organisation, but more so how it can help build better relationships - nurturing investors for repeat business time and time again.

In this blog, we share some of the insights and learning from those clients, but also highlight the importance of how digitally transforming your angel investment network is essential to the future success of your business.



Building Better Relationships

The cornerstone of any successful business is gaining the trust of your clients and network, and to do this, you need to build better relationships.

Quva facilitates administrators in seamlessly onboarding clients while upholding compliance with regulatory requirements such as Anti-Money Laundering/Know Your Customer (AML/KYC) regulations, investor categorisation, and appropriateness tests to name a few. Moreover, it facilitates the distribution of unique and curated investment opportunities tailored to match individual client profiles, thereby ensuring a personalised and seamless engagement process.

In addition to enabling investors to view, express interest in, and transact into opportunities, Quva fosters a sense of community by providing a platform that enables direct communication with administrators through the client portal. These features enhance transparency and foster trust within the investor-administrator dynamic.

Furthermore, Quva offers investors the capability to monitor their portfolios, access real-time analytics of their investments, and receive timely and personalised progress reports. Such functionalities are instrumental in nurturing and fortifying relationships, thereby laying the groundwork for enduring client loyalty and repeat business engagements.


Improved Focus

Embarking on the digital transformation of outdated processes and methodologies promises to yield significant time savings, enhance operational efficiency, and enable a sharper focus on core objectives. Leveraging a solution like Quva presents a gateway to a multitude of opportunities for streamlining day-to-day operations and alleviating administrative burdens.

Through Quva, you will free up precious time previously allocated to administrative tasks such as deal flow, compliance and communications. Furthermore, automated document handling and distribution will effectively curtail the extensive back-and-forth exchanges typically associated with client interactions, resulting in savings measured in hours, if not days.

One of Quva's clients, COREangels, headquartered in Portugal, has successfully harnessed our solution to oversee multiple networks spanning various sectors and regions across Europe. Since its implementation late last year, COREangels has reported increased client engagement and heightened support from internal stakeholders - ultimately increasing efficiency company-wide.


Make it Your Own

There’s a common misconception that off-the-shelf solutions are rigid and set in stone. While this may hold true for numerous providers, platforms such as Quva are specifically tailored to accommodate your precise requirements. Whether it involves elements as fundamental as branding or as granular as currency and terminology, Quva empowers you to configure and customise your platform to seamlessly align with your current needs.

Having a white-label solution not only boasts trust into your organisation and brand, it aligns with the points above on building trust and better relationships with investors, whilst bolstering time to focus on what really matters - growing your business.


In Conclusion

Navigating the landscape of angel investor networks can be intricate, demanding, and time-consuming. However, it is equally rewarding, offering a wealth of opportunities. Thus, striking a balance is paramount.

Digital solutions such as Quva empower angel networks to optimise their time allocation while expanding the scope of available opportunities. Similarly, for investors, these solutions facilitate a seamless and interactive experience, culminating in strengthened relationships and mutual growth.

To explore how Quva can unleash the potential of your angel investor network, simply request a demo, and one of our sales professionals will provide you with a personalised tour of the platform.


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