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Investor Document Management

Automate, generate and pre-populate documents. Experience seamless document management with Quva. 


Document Management Made Easy

Effortlessly manage, organise, and securely store all your documents throughout the investment journey with Quva. Our intelligent document features not only automatically generate and pre-populate various documents, including investor agreements and share certificates, but also facilitate e-signature, ensuring efficiency and compliance at every step.

Secure. Streamlined. Scalable.

Quva's Document Management functionality enables you to:


  • Upload and securely store documents
  • Distribute documents internally and to clients
  • Automatically generate and pre-populate documents with key information
  • Collaborate with cloud documents
  • e-Signature capabilities

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Document Features

Secure Repository

Quva serves as a secure repository for critical investment documents, accessible to both internal teams and clients. By centralizsng document storage, it ensures data security and easy access.


This streamlined approach enhances collaboration, transparency, and compliance, fostering trust and efficiency in investment operations.

Update Reports

On the Quva client portal, investors can receive email and portal notifications for any new documents and reports, ensuring prompt access to essential information. Administrators can also track whether the document has been opened and read, providing transparency and accountability.


This streamlined process enhances communication efficiency and strengthens trust between investors and administrators.

Document Automation

Quva automates the generation of essential investment documents, such as investor agreements and share certificates, pre-populating them with necessary investor data.


This streamlined process ensures accuracy and efficiency, facilitating prompt distribution both internally and through the client portal. Ultimately, it enhances transparency and compliance while saving time.

Document Automation
Cloud Documents

Quva simplifies document management by allowing traditional uploads like PDFs and PPT files, while also enabling users to connect and collaborate via direct links to cloud-based repositories like Google Drive and Microsoft SharePoint.


This integration enhances accessibility and fosters seamless collaboration, optimising workflow efficiency and productivity.


Quva streamlines document processing by automatically requesting and embedding e-signature capabilities, enhancing compliance and efficiency.


This feature enables swift document execution, reducing manual handling and ensuring regulatory adherence. Ultimately, it expedites workflows and enhances overall operational efficiency in managing investment documents. 


Quva not only functions as a secure repository, but it also empowers you to tailor your organisational structure with custom folders. With a simple click, these folders can be designated for internal or external use, enhancing your control over data accessibility.


Moreover, Quva imposes no restrictions on the quantity of folders you can create. This ensures that you can securely store your documents while maintaining a structured system that aligns perfectly with your needs.


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The team transforming alternative investments

Behind every great product, is an even better team. Meet the talented folk who have thought of, designed, and continue to develop Quva into the unparalleled solution it is today.

What Our Clients Say About Us

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Suzanne Lupton
MAVEN Capital Partners

“The software development team at Quva have provided Maven with a bespoke Investment Platform that has streamlined the management of our Private Investor Network.

The Quva team worked closely with our project team to scope, develop and launch a custom-made software solution that has transformed the investment management, transaction and distribution process."

Keith Benson DSW Ventures
“ ”
Keith Benson
Founding Partner
DSW Ventures

"We've had an exceptional experience partnering with Quva. Their collaborative approach and deep understanding of the early-stage space and investor requirements in our niche have been invaluable.

Quva adapted their platform seamlessly to align with our specific needs, resulting in a user-friendly, intuitively designed system that has garnered praise from our investors.

What truly sets Quva apart is their incredibly responsive customer success team, who have been instrumental in ensuring that the system not only meets but exceeds our workflow expectations. Quva's dedication to customer satisfaction is a real differentiator and has made them an indispensable partner for us."

James Lawson Baker G-Force Capital
“ ”
James Lawson Baker
MD & Founder
G-Force Capital
"As a business focused on Equity Capital Markets, our primary objective was to offer our clients a cutting-edge, digitally-driven investment experience.

Since the integration of Quva, our entire operational landscape has undergone a digital transformation.

From the automation of documents to a streamlined registration process incorporating the highest standards of AML/KYC compliance, our platform now stands as a secure and intelligent space for our investors, who can now seamlessly access exclusive opportunities and track performance.

Quva not only met our bespoke requirements but continues to collaborate closely with us, ensuring ongoing compliance, operational efficiency and operational resilience.

We wholeheartedly recommend Quva for their commitment to delivering and maintaining a top-level platform for both our business and our valued investor network."
Simon Lenney
“ ”
Simon Lenney

“When Regional Housebuilder Homes by Carlton wanted to explore innovative ways to finance its growing residential development programme we turned to Quva to explore options.

We wanted to develop and launch an online investment platform that would allow experienced investors to invest and provide development loans to Homes by Carlton.

Our Project Team worked closely with the Quva Team to create and launch Carlton Bonds, an online investment platform that allows experienced investors to invest in a series of asset-backed bonds.

The platform provides Homes by Carlton with an innovative way to fund our growing pipeline of residential development projects."

Simon Walker Homes by Carlton
“ ”
Simon Walker
Managing Director
Homes by Carlton
“We commissioned the Quva team to scope, develop and maintain a bespoke online investment platform to allow Homes by Carlton to launch a series of asset-backed bonds for experienced investors.

The platform is fantastic and now an integral and paramount part of the business.”
James Hargreaves Vida Capital
“ ”
James Hargreaves
Managing Director
Vida Capital
"Their digital solutions have modernised our daily operations, delivering significant time and cost savings.

Moreover, Quva's platform provides a secure and seamless experience for our investors, ensuring their trust and satisfaction.

Thanks to Quva, we've elevated our efficiency while enhancing investor accessibility - a partnership we value immensely."

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