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Quva is the fintech software development division of Growth Capital Ventures Ltd (“GCV”). GCV is an FCA Authorised Investment Firm specialising in alternative investments and the development and operation of online investment platforms.

Quva specialises in the design and development of fintech software solutions. Quva has developed bespoke software solutions for clients operating in the alternative finance sector. The team has also developed a highly configurable, highly customisable Platform-as-service-Solution for the alternative investment sector.


Craig Peterson
Chief Operating Officer​ at Quva


Why Quva?

Founded in January 2020, the Quva team are on a mission to digitally transform the investment management process for Alternative Investment Professionals.


The team have developed a highly customisable, highly configurable software solution for the Alternative Investment Sector.


With a client list that already includes the likes of Maven Capital, DSW Ventures and Custodian Capital to name a few, Quva is designed to integrate seamlessly with other software and data sourcing solutions.


The result is a cost effective software solution that can be quickly configured, customised and tailored to meet your exact needs. 


Meet the Team Transforming Alternative Investments

The Quva team comprises industry professionals, leadership teams, and a board all meticulously aligned with the company's culture, values, and strategy, ensuring cohesive direction and effective execution across all levels of the organisation.

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