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Quva has been tailored for the complex and demanding needs of the Venture Capital sector.


Digitally Transforming the Venture Capital Sector

Digitally transform your Venture Capital fund management with Quva's end-to-end portfolio software. From deal flow to portfolio monitoring, streamline processes and drive operational scalability with ease.

Bespoke to VC

Quva's Venture Capital software offers a multitude of innovative features, including:


  • Highly Customisable and Configurable
  • Deal Origination & Deal Flow Management
  • Asset & Portfolio Management
  • Transactions to receive and distribute payments
  • Investor Onboarding
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Investor Portal & Website
  • Document Management
  • KPI, Portfolio Reports, WIP Reports & Board Update Reports
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Customisable, Easy-To-Use Dashboards

Custom Pipelines
With no limitations on the number of pipelines, stages or deals within them, Quva's custom pipelines allow you to manage your workflow with ease.
Custom Pipelines
Opportunity Transactions
Quva allows you to manage, view and distribute opportunities, enabling your investors and limited partners to transact via their secure and dedicate client portal.
Opportunity Transactions
Client CRM
Streamline deal-sourcing activities with one centralised location for deal information in order to easily track deal financial performance and manage due diligence processes including deal expenses.
Client CRM
KPI Dashboard
Automatically produce industry-standard reports and custom templates, in order to seamlessly share information with key stakeholders.
KPI Dashboard
Investor Portal
White-labeled in your own brand colours, Quva's client portal allows your investors to securely login to transact and monitor investment opportunities.
Investor Portal
White-label Solution

Quva's white-label solution allows you to edit the look and feel of your platform, enabling you to showcase your company brand.


Updated within the settings area in seconds, you can update things like the colour scheme, upload logos as well change the terminology to suit your exact needs.

White-label Solution

Made by Investment Professionals for Investment Professionals

The team transforming alternative investments

Behind every great product, is an even better team. Meet the talented folk who have thought of, designed, and continue to develop Quva into the unparalleled solution it is today.



Discuss your needs and see Quva in action with a live, in-depth and personalised demo.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Quva is a highly customisable and configurable Private Markets Platform designed for Private Markets Investment Professionals. It enhances the management and oversight of investments in private equity, real estate, infrastructure, and other private markets.
  • Quva is designed for Private Markets Investment Professionals, including fund managers, institutional investors, family offices, and advisors who manage private market investments and seek an efficient, integrated solution.
  • Quva stands out with its unparalleled customisation and configurability, allowing users to tailor the platform to their specific investment strategies and workflows. It integrates seamlessly with existing tools and provides a comprehensive feature set.
  • With all Quva solutions being fully customisable and bespoke to the client, an exact cost will be determined based on your requirements. Simply get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to give you a custom quote.
  • Quva is highly customisable, allowing users to configure modules, workflows, and reports to fit their unique needs. This flexibility ensures that Quva can adapt to the specific requirements of different private market investment strategies.
  • As Quva is fully customisable and bespoke to each client, it usually takes a little onboarding and custom development to get you up and running. The exact amount of time is purely down to the requirements of your own needs.
  • Yes, Quva is designed for seamless integration with various third-party software, including CRM systems, accounting tools, and data providers, ensuring a cohesive and streamlined workflow.
  • Quva provides comprehensive support, including onboarding assistance, training sessions, and ongoing technical support. Our dedicated team is available to help users maximise the platform’s potential and address any issues that arise.
  • Implementing Quva is designed to be smooth and efficient. Our structured onboarding process, guided by our expert team, ensures a seamless transition with minimal disruption to your operations.
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