Product Release Notes #44

In addition to general bug fixes, Sprint 44 introduces a new Terms & Conditions section, the ability to remove admin accounts and the option to upload your own Favicon & Page Title.

These updates have been carried out and implemented on release sprint #44 as of January 20th.



Terms & Conditions

Rather than using the generic site-wide Terms & Conditions that your Clients would accept when they are registering, you can now have bespoke Terms & Conditions which are related to your chosen Investment Opportunity.

The Investment Terms & Conditions will be served at Stage 2 of the Investment Workflow where they would need to accept in order to proceed with their investment. We log the fact they have accepted the Terms & Conditions against their Activity Log.



Appropriateness Test Builder (Bug)

Resolved issue where the answer options weren't accessible as its position was under another input field.



Ability to Create an Investor From the Add Manual Payment Screen

When adding a manual payment on behalf of an Investor, if that Investor currently doesn't exist, you now have a Call To Action in the manual payment screen where you can create the Client before selecting them to have their payment added.



Favicon & Page Title

Within the Branding section you can now upload your own custom Favicon, meaning your Quva Admin and Quva Client Portal would have your Favicon as opposed to Quva's.

You can also control the initial title that gets displayed when the Quva application is loaded by updating the terminology field "Page Title".



Remove an Administrator Account

If an administrator or a 3rd party no longer needs access to Quva you will be able to remove their account. Anything they have created within the platform will remain accessible by other Administrators.



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