Product Release Notes #61

Sprint 61 will see general bug fixes and improvements to both the admin and client portals, as well as the introduction of a Bespoke Registration Form, Opportunity NDA and the ability to link Investors to an Organisation.

These updates have been carried out and implemented on release sprint #61 as of October 25th. 



Bespoke Registration Form

We appreciate that every business is different. From the questions you ask to the data you collect, having the ability to create bespoke registration forms is something we always felt should have been a prerequisite of Quva.

So from today, Quva now offers you the option of a bespoke registration form as part of your investor onboarding.

Integrating with Typeform, we can now offer as part of professional services the ability to handle a variety of question types, including intelligent logic, conditional branching and even validation.

The data is instantly stored against an investor and in addition to the standard registration form, this integration allows you to collect even further information that will allow Investment Managers the ability to carry out due diligence on applicants before deciding whether to accept or reject access to the client/investor portal.

If you'd like to discuss a bespoke registration form, simply contact your account manager today where we can set up a scoping session and look to implement your exact needs.


Opportunity NDA

We've developed a new feature called Opportunity NDA, which once enabled, can restrict certain investment information from being displayed to the investor until they have agreed to the terms and conditions or acceptance statement by providing an e-signature.

As an example, the real opportunity is let's say 'Barclays Bank', but until the on-screen NDA pop-up has been agreed and signed, it could appear however you wish, so something like 'A National UK Bank' as to revealing the actual opportunity name. As always, you have full control within the settings area, so any wording and the terms and conditions of the NDA are all chosen by you too.

Once signed, the investor gets access to all the opportunity and any sensitive information, as well as the ability to now invest in that said opportunity.

Following acceptance, a document is automatically generated by Quva and is timestamped alongside their acceptance agreement and e-signature, this is then automatically stored against their investor record within the Investors section of Quva.


Link Investors to an Organisation

We have enhanced the recent organisations functionality whereby investors can now be linked directly to an organisation and conduct transactions with the client/investor portal on behalf of an organisation.

Investors can either apply to invest on behalf of their chosen organisation or investment managers can create the relationship within the admin portal. Once established, investors can then make investments on behalf of their organisation.

In terms of reporting, an investors portfolio will reflect transactions made both personally and on behalf of their organisation for full transparency and effective reporting.

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