Product Release Notes #39

In addition to general bug fixes, we've also enhanced the terminology of the payment process, made updates to the Cap Table and introduced the ability to delete past investments.

These updates have been carried out and implemented on release sprint #39 as of November 23rd.



Ability to Delete

We all make mistakes, that's why we've introduced the ability to delete unwanted payment reservations or reverse a payment made by an Investor who no longer wishes to pursue an investment.

Given that you're still in the Live Opportunity phase, you can now remove and delete payments by simply browsing to the transaction and opting for the delete option. This will also amend the Investment record to ensure their reservation amount is deducted from the overall raised amount along with reflecting this in the Client view.


Terminology Control: Payment Process

We have made the final stage of the Investment Process fully content managed, meaning you have full control of the wording that best describes your payment and cash-call process.

This is controlled within the Terminology section of settings. 


Cap Table: Individual View

Following its debut back in October, we've already made significant enhancements to Quva's impressive Cap Table. Not only does the new Cap Table allow you to seamlessly browse investment opportunities by round, you can now do this on an individual basis too, meaning you can select the Investor you wish to view and see all their previous investments by each round.



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