Product Release Notes #38

In addition to general bug fixes, we've implemented some fantastic and powerful new features, such as a new investment type, improved opportunity descriptions, the ability to export client lists and much more. 

These updates have been carried out and implemented on release sprint #38 as of November 10th.



Export Client Lists

Within the Investors section, you now have the ability to download a .xls or .csv of your entire client database. The output includes their key personal details, AML/KYC status, Investor Categorisation and where applicable, a count of how many investments they have made to-date.



Filtering: Email Lookup

Within the Investors section of the admin portal, you can use the filter option to now include an email address, allowing you to promptly and accurately search for an Investor by their email address, ensuring you find the exact person you are looking for.



Improved Opportunity Descriptions

When creating a new investment opportunity, you will now have the ability to describe it using a Rich Text Editor, meaning your description can be more effective than ever with formatting such as; Bold, Italics, Underline, Bullet-Points, Ordered List and inserting images to help make your opportunity stand-out from the crowd.



Auto-Invite Opportunities to New Clients

When a client registers to become an Investor, they will now receive instant access to any live opportunities that you're currently/already promoting. This will make sure they have instant access without you having to manually invite them upon being notified they've registered - streamlining the entire process for both you and the client.



New Investment Type: Preference Share

We've introduced a new investment type for; Preference Shares. This allows you to define your opportunities to include key performance information such as Projected Total Return and Fixed Return PA



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