Product Release Notes #34

Hey there, in addition to squashing some nasty little bugs, we've also implemented some awesome new features in our latest product release - so go check em out!

These updates have been carried out and implemented on release sprint #34 as of August 10th.



Following the recent ability to delete uploaded documents, you can now delete unwanted Notes, Calls and Tasks from your deals and opportunities.


Deals: Key Information

Following the feedback of our users, we have tweaked and enhanced the layout of a deals key information, aligning it with other parts of Quva for a more seamless and structured approach.


Deals: Mandatory Fields

Based on client feedback and UX/UI tests, we have removed the mandatory fields on Pre-Money Valuation to support scenarios where you don't have that information when first creating a deal.


Fund Investment Opportunities: Mandatory Fields

Following user feedback, you no longer need to assign a client to a Fund Investment Opportunity or a Fund Portfolio Company to proceed and create.


Terminology Settings

The terminology section now has its own dedicated place within settings area, making it even easier to find and edit.


General Bug Fixes

In addition to the awesome features above, we've also squashed a few bugs, but we'll not go into the gory details!

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