Product Release Notes #31

Hey there, in addition to squashing some nasty little bugs, we've also implemented some awesome new features in our latest product release - so go check em out!

These updates have been carried out and implemented on release sprint #31 as of July 1st. 

Smart Filtering

We've listened to your feedback and introduced an even smarter and more powerful filtering functionality that allows you to sort your deals, funds, live and existing opportunities by name, investment type, amounts, dates and status. Clever right?

New Custom Attribute

Quva already allows you to create as many of your own custom attributes, but now, you can add in URL's, allowing you to add in a web address against your deals, live opportunities, clients and contacts.


We know, they're not the most exciting thing in the world, but they are pretty important, that's why we've created a new depository in the settings area where you can upload a URL to your existing website, or you can create your own via the rich text editor live in Quva.

Comment Notifications

When an administrator responds to an investors comments, they'll now get a notification via email and in-app, keeping the conversation flowing and everyone engaged.

Deals: Notes & Calls

Keeping on top of your deals is essential, that's why we've added this nice bit of functionality where you can now record all key activities on a deal level - giving you full transparency on each deal.

General Bug Fixes

In addition to the awesome features above, we've also squashed a few bugs, but we'll not go into the gory details!

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