Product Release Notes #30

We're always tinkering with our software, making sure it's at its best - so here's an update of the latest tweaks and improvements that will help enhance your Quva experience.

These updates have been carried out and implemented on release sprint #30

Insights By Quva

No doubt you'll see this roll-out over the coming weeks as a stand-alone product, but as an existing user of Quva, you're the first to see this awesome and powerful product. So without further ado, allow us to introduce you to Insights by Quva!

When creating a deal, you can now search for a company using their company name or Companies House ID to source real-time information about your deal, live in the Quva platform.

Our talented Dev team have created some nifty custom-code that pulls in all sorts of useful and real-time information, including things like: Account information, names of directors and business addresses - saving you the hassle of multiple browser tabs, paperwork and hours of research!



Introducing 'Contacts'

We've created a new investor type called 'Contact', allowing you to create new contacts and log notes, tasks, emails and calls against individuals who currently don't have access to the Quva investor portal - giving your full transparency across your portfolio.



Custom User Roles

Any existing names that describe a user role can now be controlled and overwritten within your terminology settings, allowing you to align user roles and names with that of your business.



Registration Management

We've introduced a new registration method on which clients wishing to join your network can complete a registration process, but you have the power to either reject or accept their application - enabling full control of who gains access to your network.



Investor Analytics

In real-time, you can now view from your invited investors, who has reviewed the opportunity, how many times they have viewed it and if they've reserved an allocation or not, giving you full transparency.




With investors always keen to get a piece of the action, some of your live opportunities can be a little more popular than others. So from today, you can now select your opportunities to allow for overfunding - and the best bit is, Quva dynamically calculates the new equity on offer for you.



Investment Preview

When creating a live investment opportunity, you want it to look and feel the part for your clients, so it's always handy to see what the client sees. Now, Quva has a preview button which enables a live preview, allowing you to see what they see and fine tune things before hitting the all important publish button. 



Super Admins

You can now create a 'Super Admin' role from the user management tab in your admin section, allowing additional users to be created.



General Bug Fixes

In addition to the awesome features above, we've also squashed a few bugs, but we'll not go into the gory details!


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