Product Release Notes #48

Sprint 48 will see the platform get enhancements to how opportunities are scheduled, the ability to delete attributes, more intelligent terminology options and the option to verify accounts.

These updates have been carried out and implemented on release sprint #48 as of May 3rd.



Scheduling Enhancements With Ability to Search and List Their Email Address

When scheduling and promoting a Live Opportunity, you will now be able to search for specific investors along with each investor displaying their Investor Categorisation and email address showing in real-time.

Email Search



Delete Attributes

Attributes that are available against Deals, Opportunities and Investors now have the ability to be deleted where they haven't yet been assigned to anything.




Terminology Option to Control the Wording That Shows on the Bank Section on the Client Portal

If the Client bank details section is enabled, which allows Clients to maintain their payment details to support Distributions, this now has the option to have custom text that you can use to explain this section to align with your exact or bespoke processes.



Verify Accounts

In rare scenarios when a new Investor hasn't received the Welcome Verification email, as an Administrator, you will now have the option to view their record and using the top right Call to Action, verify the account on their behalf - allowing them to access the platform with no issues.

Verify Investor Account



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